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The Adventures of Urban Hermit Girl

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Biography to come later. Lazy.
abandonware, adventure games, ambient, andrei rublev, arthur miller, ballet, bartok, beauty, brahms, canon nazism, cats, celts, chocolate, chopin, christianity, clan malkavian, classical music, commodore 64, dance, darkwave, darkwell, death photography, dracula, dragonlance, drama, eastern europe, eastern orthodoxy, edgar allen poe, eomer, ethereal, europe, european heritage, european pride, europeans, fairytales, fantasy, folklore, foreign films, gaston leroux, ghosts, gore, gothic fantasy, harry potter, hermits, history, horror, horror films, horror movies, horses, humor, humour, insomnia, interactive fiction, ireland, jane eyre, john keats, johnny depp, jolie/laide, king's quest, kittens, lacuna coil, literature, lizst, lord byron, lord of the rings, lucius malfoy, lupin, madness, mahler, malkav, malkavians, mary sues, mary-sues, masochism, miranda sex garden, modern dance, mythology, nerds, nerdsluts, old games, paranormal, parody, poto, prague, princess maker 2, procrastination, prokofiev, pushkin, quentin tarantino, quest for glory, quirkiness, ravenclaw, ravenloft, recluses, remus lupin, rimsky-korsakov, rob zombie, romania, rpgs, russia, russkij kovcheg, satire, severus snape, shakespeare, sheridan le fanu, sierra, sirius black, slytherin, snape, strahd von zarovich, stravinsky, supernatural, tarkovsky, tchaikovsky, text adventures, theatre, theatre of tragedy, tierra, trail-riding, vampire the masquerade, vampire the requiem, vampires, viktor krum, vintage clothes, vivaldi, white wolf, william blake, yevgeny onegin