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01:30 am: Hot Water! Clear-ish Skin! Dracula RPG!
Water Update: What the title said! No longer will I have to risk hypothermia by washing my hair in liquid one degree away from the freezing point. Go me! I tell you, one seldom realizes how much she relies on modern technology under it's taken away.

Proactiv Update: There's definitely happier pores on my face.

Dracula Update: I shall probably update theborgopass sometime later today, probably with some discussion as to the future Dracula-based RPG I have been considering putting into action (I'm a geek, yes). There may also be pictures of Romania, provided I get the opportunity to fire up the ole scanner.</b></a>

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Date:June 7th, 2005 09:03 pm (UTC)
Cold showers are the worst! Smelly siblings, however, may possibly top that. :-)

I see that you're into Romania and Dracula, etc. I recently married a Romanian man and, consequently, we travel there frequently for holidays and such. My husband was the one who showed me around Transylvania, even taking me to see Dracula's castle. I must say that it's quite a piece of history (and architecture). Do you go there often?

Anyway, I apologize for posting in your journal when I don't even know you, but I'd love to see your Romania pictures sometime!
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