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02:42 am: Two Shameful Secrets In One Night
I must confess I'm a helpless victim of marketing. Since, for reasons mysterious and unknown, my skin has been breaking out pretty badly, I've gone and bought myself the Proactiv skin-care solution. Not only have such immortal celebrities such as Jessica Simpson (*gag*) and Sean no-way-am-I-fucking-calling-him-P-Diddy Combs (*hurl*) testified to its miraculousness, but I appears to have done good things for my friend's face as well. But I'll tell ya, acne-free skin don't come cheap. Not cheap at all.

You readers may wonder why I'm up at this ungodly hour. It's because of a man. I am purposely depriving myself of much needed sleep because  there's a chance I might hear from him. Yep, waiting up for a man to contact me. The more I think about what I'm doing, the less sane I feel. Gah!

Of course, as many of you ladies know, a good fella (or hell, even an amusing one) isn't exactly easy to find. So when I meet one, I tend to pounce like a starving lioness that has caught sight of a plump zebra in the grasslands.

Looking back at that analogy makes me wonder if I'm going to become a cougar in my old age. We'll see.

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Date:May 30th, 2005 05:29 pm (UTC)

Good luck.....

hope your RL stuff works out!
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